Monday, May 23, 2011

Breaking Up

Dear blog. I've neglected you. I've been on extreme hiatus for the past oh month or two. Life is busy. I turned 22. I graduated college. I packed my apartment in Norman- and moved to an apartment in Austin. Oh the irony. I survived "the end of the world". I'm also getting married in 5 days. FIVE DAYS. There is far to much to do right now then to update you. I actual have plans to start another blog under my soon to be new last name. It isn't you. Its me. Basically I'm trying to tell you that I don't have time for you and I'm breaking up with you blog. Its been fun. I'll be back after the wedding on the new blog.

The worst blogger on the face of the Earth.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I know this girl Kate who has this awesome blog. Yesterday she, without knowing it, introduced me to a new love.

I like to think that I'm a matchbook girl.

Basically it is an online magazine chalked full of great articles, recipes, inspiration, and fun stuff! Best part about being digital is that if you see something you like all you have to do is click the picture and they have it linked to that store's website! Neato bandito!

So you should mosey on over and check it out!

Until next time!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hit the ground running

Well hello there neglected blog. I am horrible at keeping you updated. I have dreams of being paid to blog yet realize that actually requires me to WRITE on my blog. Sad day. Regardless, I am here with an update.

My life is spinning out of control at a rather rapid speed and I'm not a fan at all. As I sit here on my couch I have about 500,000 things racing through my brain on what I should be doing instead. Yet here I am. Blogging.

I'm anxiously counting down the days to my wedding with Scott- 62 as of today- and we're starting to get everything wrapped up and it is all coming together so nicely! My sister and mom are throwing me a shower in a few weeks and I can't wait! Over the weekend I managed to really update our registry over at Target and concrete some of my ideas for decorating our first place! Which by the way we just signed the lease on last week!!! So I'm going to share with you all my ideas for how I plan to decorate our bedroom. It was very important to Scott that he not feel like he was sleeping in a girls room yet that a girl did actually sleep/ live there too.... not sure how I managed to decode that but somehow I did! Basically he didn't want pink and frilly which was great for me because I'm not the pink-and-frilly type!

So alas here is what we have planned!

I'm going for a high end, luxe, romantic, sassy (since we'll be the SAS's) vibe. The curtains will probably change because Scott's first reaction to seeing them was "they are see through" and apparently curtains aren't supposed to be see through. The square nightstand is mirrored and I'm deeply enamored with it- every time I see it at the store I sigh- true story! And most likely that will be my nightstand since the black one, although round and curvy, seems to be more masculine for Scott. I have a growing collection of black and white photographs, prints, paintings, and drawings that I've collected from all the different places I've been on travels and we'll be placing those on the wall opposite the bed. Along with my existing dresser and bookcase which are both large black pieces, I hope to get the vibe I'm going for and I hope that Scott enjoys the space as much as me! Added bonus is with the red I now have an excuse to have pretty flowers in a vase in the room!

What do you think!?

I can't promise to be updating anytime soon. Hopefully before the wedding...

Until next time...

Monday, February 7, 2011


So last night was the Super Bowl... big whoop! Haha sorry for all of you NFL fans out there- I have no interest in pro sports (except maybe baseball). The only reason I tune in for the Super Bowl is for the half time show and the COMMERCIALS!!!

This year as you may have heard if you didn't witness yourself- the halftime show was a bust. I had high hopes and they were crushed. Black Eyed Peas I feel like has been the first "current" band in several years since the infamous Janet Jackson/ JT performance! Sadly BEPs did not succeed in a good half time show even with Slash and Ushers odd cameos...

So that leaves the commercials! At first I didn't think that I was all that impressed- but now going through and looking to find my favorite...I have too many to pick! Some people weren't all that impressed and I can see why but overall I think they were great! Below are some of the ones that I found entertaining:

Best Buy: Osbourne and Bieber

Carmax: I feel like a....

Doritos: Pug

Coca Cola: Border

Volkswagen: Darth Vader (EVEREYONE's FAVORITE)

NFL Best Fans Ever Super Bowl Commercial

E*TRADE Baby: Tailor

Volkswagen: Black Beetle

Bridgestone: Carma

What was your favorite commercial?

Until next time

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Well I am currently hunkered down in my apartment watching the blizzard pass outside my window. There are at least 2 inches on the ground of my patio alone!

So my friend Jenna was telling me about Snow Ice Cream last night at dinner. Being from Houston and completely out of my element here in a blizzard I had no idea what she was talking about. Sure I'd made my own ice cream in science class in grade school, but ice cream made from mother nature's soft fluffy snow!!? I mean it makes sense so why not! I'm a little skeptic about how clean the snow is around my apartment (neighbors with dogs who don't clean up after the dogs go to the bathroom) I might not have the best snow available for such a sweet treat so I'll have to pass on this blizzard activity.

Have you ever had snow ice cream? Was it as good as Blue Bell?

Staying warm and waiting for Boren (OUs President) to cancel school tomorrow!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Tape

Who knew that tape could be HAPPY!!? I discovered this super cute site {Happy Tape} tonight that has some of the most cute tape rolls I have ever seen! I think if I got my hands on any of these I'd put tape on anything! Watch out! Also there is a fun roll holder to keep your tape organized in at easy reach!

The possibilities are endless! Here is their blog with different tape project inspirations!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello again!

Wow I'm REALLLY bad about blogging.

I look at my blog everyday (sometimes several times a day) to catch up on my "daily reads" but I never have the motivation to click "New Post" and tell you all about what is new. Honestly I don't feel that I lead a very exciting life and I don't have interesting things to share.... For example I'm currently at "work" where I have been sitting for 2 hours with nothing to do- only to sit here for another 2 hours with nothing to do. It is a crime that they pay me "work" for 5 hours when there is usually only 2 hours of work max for me to do. But hey it's a college job and it gives me time to catch up on news articles- yep I'm the nerd who likes reading news articles involving just about anything! I say it is me making up for not liking to read books....

So yes since it has been exactly a month since my last post I guess I can fill you in on how my December went..

Finals finally were over- HALLELUJAH!! and I was a week of work away from going to Houston for a little R&R with the fam.

Did I mention that I took darling Loki home to Houston with me... nope? Well I did- and let me tell you it was an adventure! A week before we left Norman I called up my local vet to see what she recommended I do to calm him on the 7 hour trip. There was no way I was about to drive with a boxed up cat for 7 hours without some sort of sedation- either for him or me! Luckily she said that half of a regular Benaydrl would dope him up and make the trip easier for both of us. So off to Walgreens I went to pick up some Wal-dryl (promise I'm not making that name up- Walgreens names their off brand medication some odd things...) So Loki was no dummy- he saw the bags starting to be packed and stacked by the door and when I went to give him the tiny half pill he fought me, jumped out of my arms, and immediately went to work throwing it up along with some of his breakfast. After a quick clean up we tried again- this time he took it and within 20 minutes was already calmer. Luckily I'm a morning person and I don't mind waking up early to start a road trip so by 6 AM we were on the road headed for Houston!

About 3 hours into the trip I was making great time- absolutely no traffic on the road and for once no construction on I-35 (is that even possible!!?)- everything was going swimmingly.. until... A very strong odor started wafting its way towards me coming from Loki's cage. He had stopped his fake crying meow about an hour earlier and I honestly had kinda forgot he was in the car. I, like any cat owner, started talking to him, "Loki is that you being smelly?", he looked up and gave me a pathetic cry. Living in a one bedroom apartment with a cat that stinks up the whole place after he uses his litter box gives you the chance to learn quickly what different smells are (i.e number 1 or number 2). I knew this smell all to well- Loki had pooped himself in his carrier. What was I supposed to do?! I had no way of cleaning him up and we were somewhere between Dallas and Houston where there is a small town maybe every 80 miles. Well we sucked it up for a few more hours and luckily Loki kept very still and tried not to disturb his accident which only made the car stink more. When I was close to my house I called up my mom and asked her to draw the cat a bath- something neither of us have ever done. We got inside, took the poop pot out if his cage and cleaned him right up- thankfully he was fairly doped up and didn't seem to mind us giving him a bath!

After the whole ordeal was over I figured Loki would lay low and stay in my room until he got some confidence to explore. My mom has a dog (Bou) and two older cats (Baxter and Archie) and we were all curious as to how they would react to Loki joining the family. Bou instantly was curious, but when a big slobbery loud Coonhound comes lunging at you, a small cat, claws were bound to be out. As to be expected Loki dominated Bou the whole trip, but eventually they were curious enough to sniff each other and be in the same space peacefully. The cats were a different story. The whole reason I originally wanted Loki to come home with me was so he could learn a hard lesson- he's not as tough as he thinks he is- we figured with my mom's cats being older and Archie being such an Alpha that surely they would beat him up and put him in his place. Boy were we WRONG! Baxter as we figured really could care less about Loki's presence. All he cared about was getting some food and going back outside and anytime Loki came into a room with him Baxter would just get up and leave- no hissing or scratching involved. Archie was a different story. The first time they encountered each other both cats puffed up and growled at each other like savage beasts but it was Archie who backed down first and would run away from Loki! By the end of the two weeks Archie and Loki were buds and played with each other and laid on the bed together- more proof that I think all of my mom's pets are gay. So Loki didn't get the beating that I expected from the cats and it was time to leave "paradise" (4 bedroom house with lots of places to hide for a cat) and head back to "torture-ville" (lame name for my tiny 600 sq. ft apartment) The trip home was uneventful with no accidents- I even began to think that Loki enjoyed road trips since he was behaving so well!

Wow I just realized my life is kinda interesting.. at least to me. Outside of the animal kingdom my break was pretty relaxed. We took my wedding dress for it's first fitting, shopped for and found the dress my mom plans to wear for the wedding, and just spent time together.

Now that I'm back in Norman I'm anxious for school to start. I love routines and it is killing me that for the past month I haven't had one! This will be my very last semester of college EVER! I can't wait to see what is in store! Wedding planning is underway- 19 weeks to go and there is a lot left to do! I'd like to say I promise to blog more often but that never seems to work. So how about I promise to blog once by Feb 13th :)

Until next time...